Fast Fit Instructions

Ordering process:

  1. You measure the patient.
  2. You send in the order and patient paperwork.
  3. We verify information and coverage (and create a UCAN).
  4. You receive the brace.
  5. We bill for the brace.

If the bracing plan includes measuring for a Fast Fit product—JumpStarts or shoe inserts—measure the patient’s foot.

Fast Fit Printable Sizing Jig

Here’s a quick and easy alternative to ordering our sizing jigs–printable sizing jigs for our Fast Fit products. You can print them and use them right away. There are two pages for each foot: purple for the left and green for the right. Once you’ve printed them, simply follow the instructions.

Fast Fit Printable Sizing Jig Template

**PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS**  To ensure accurate scaling and proper sizing, use the following printer settings: 1) With the Printable Sizing Jig pdf open in Adobe Reader, go to the File menu; 2) Click the Print sub-menu item; 3) Make sure scale is set at 100%; 4) Print; 5) After printing, verify that the scale on page 1 is accurate with a standard ruler. If you have any problems using the printable Sizing jigs, please call Customer Support at 800.848.7332.