How to order custom DAFOs: Practitioner Instructions

1. You collect and provide patient paperwork

The two versions of this form are e-forms; you can download them, fill them out electronically, and then print them for the signature.

2. We create a UCAN

When we create a UCAN, this means that we have collected and verified all physician and insurance information. The UCAN, an internal Cascade authorization, acts as a green light, informing the practitioner and family that we have contacted the insurance and believe – to the best of our ability — that the order can be placed.

We will notify you of your patient’s UCAN by email, fax, or phone. If you haven’t heard from us after two weeks, please contact us.

→ We must carry out the UCAN authorization process for every order, including:

• change of style
• change of insurance
• child has outgrown current orthosis.

In these cases, contact us about the possible need for new paperwork.

→ A UCAN is not a guarantee of payment but a review of the patient’s insurance benefits. Actual coverage is determined at the time of the claim. We encourage the patient/guardian to verify in-network and out-of-network providers for their insurance plan.

→ For billing purposes, the Date of Service is the date the patient (or patient representative/guardian or practitioner) receives the completed product.

→ A UCAN is typically good for 3 months (90 days) and may be used only once. However, there are mitigating factors. If you think the UCAN won’t be used within 3 months, tell your representative.

→ A deposit may be required.

→ If the patient does not wish to use insurance for Fast Fit products, please visit

3. Cast the patient

If the bracing plan includes casting for a custom DAFO, cast the patient’s foot.

4. Order Forms

To find the right order form for the product you want to order, please visit the website of Cascade Dafo, our sister company that manufactures the braces:

Note: For Fast Fit items, please do not send the order form to Cascade Dafo. Send it instead to Cascade National Billing.

5. Receive the brace

1. Once you receive the brace, schedule a fitting appointment within 2 weeks.

2. Systematically check the fit checklist.

3. Instruct the patient/guardian in donning/doffing and a habituation schedule.

→ Donning and doffing (click here)

→ Habituation schedule (click here)

4. Email, fax, or mail the fit checklist or your completed SOAP notes to us.

Note: If you have warranty issues, see click here.

6. We bill for the orthosis

  1. We use shipper tracking to determine the date of service. At this time, we bill the primary insurance, sending you an informational statement to keep you updated. We generally receive a response 30 to 60 days later.
  2. If the response is a denial, we investigate and attempt to have the claim paid. If the response is a payment, we move forward.
  3. We bill the secondary insurance or funding sources, receiving a response 30 to 60 days later.
  4. If there is a remaining amount, we bill the patient or family.