Common Terms and Abbreviations

Ankle-Foot Orthosis is a brace (usually plastic) worn on the lower leg and foot to support the ankle and hold the foot and ankle in the correct position.

Custom DAFO
A Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis (DAFO) that was created by a cast of a patient’s foot. DAFOs generally include plantar surface definition, wrap-around control, flexible plastic, and freedom of movement where the patient has good control.

Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis. An AFO made of a thin, flexible plastic shell formed directly to a custom model of a patient’s foot and leg. Unlike thicker, more rigid, traditional brace styles, the DAFO allows dynamic movement centered on a primary position.

For medical billing purposes, the Date of Service is the the date the orthoses are delivered to the address on the SHIP TO part of the order form. For more information, see Date of Service.

Durable Medical Equipment. For Medicaid and insurance purposes, this is the product/service category into which orthoses fall.

Date of the patient’s birth.


Fast Fit
A family of Cascade Dafo products that do not require casting. Size is chosen by measuring the patient’s foot with a sizing jig. (See also JumpStart, custom DAFO.)

A set of products made by Cascade Dafo especially for children aged birth to 7. They consist of two pieces of soft, translucent, wrap-around plastic: a foundation which provides stability and an inner liner which offers wrap-around support. These products do not require casting: they are fit to measure and precision-molded.

Letter of Medical Necessity. A letter from a practitioner that may be required by your health insurance. For more information, see Letter of Medical Necessity.

An external orthopedic appliance (as a brace or splint) that prevents or assists movement of the spine or the limbs. Sometimes inaccurately called an orthotic.

A branch of medical and mechanical science that deals with the design and fitting of orthoses.

Patient Registration Form
A form that collects patient identifying and medical information. It is part of the billing step called Provide Patient Paperwork.

Primary Care Physician. For many insurance companies, medical items such as orthoses must have been prescribed by a primary care physician.


Stabilizing Pressure Input Orthosis, made from a Lycra-likematerial that provides deep pressure through compression to improve positional limb and body awareness, core muscle and joint stabilization, and precision of muscle activation and movement. For more information, see

Unique Cascade Authorization Number. A number internal to Cascade P&O National Billing, signaling that we’ve collected and verified the insurance information provided. For more information, see What is a UCAN?