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In your bracing strategy, do you plan to:

Cast for a custom orthosis (DAFO) OR Measure for a Fast Fit orthosis

We work hard on all medical billing issues to help patients obtain braces. In the event that a suitable solution using P&O National Billing can’t be found, we can refer you to Cascade Dafo’s customer support team, who can help you locate an orthosis provider in your area who may be able to handle the medical billing. 

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As a key part of the medical billing process, see the Patient Registration Form.

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Cascade P&O National Billing strives to provide comprehensive insurance billing services for braces. Our goal is to make orthoses accessible and affordable to anyone who can benefit from their use.

Our insurance billing includes verifying insurance information, clarifying any coverage issues, obtaining authorization if needed, billing the insurances and other funding sources, and resolving any discrepancies or holdups.

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